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Create a Slider™ using your own photos or images.
Embed your Slider™ on any webpage in minutes.
Edit your Slider™ whenever you want to.
Repeat as desired, it is free.

mySlider™ is more than just free website slideshow software. It is a revolutionary new slideshow creation wizard that allows you to quickly build interesting and attention grabbing photographic visuals to promote website content, display artwork or banner ads, showcase products, and much more. Your only limit is your imagination. mySlider™ can be used for countless applications. No plug-ins required. Just upload your photos, graphics and images, and we'll provide you with the HTML code to place / embed the slideshow on your site's webpages.

mySlider™ will resize your images, and create all the necessary slideshow code. You control the speed, the size in pixels, the colors, the spacing, the URL links, the titles, link targets, number of slides to show at a time, with the ability to edit all your slider settings, delete slides, and add new slides at anytime to your slideshow. Includes batch upload tool with built in resizing. Build Sliders™ for yourself, your friends, or your clients. Build as many as you want, as often as you want, vertical or horizontal, wide or thin, tall or short, fast or slow, within 3 minutes, for free.

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